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mjguest logoMJGUEST is a free professional guestbook, designed as hi-end solution for both personal homepages and corporate websites.
Thanks to a constant focus on research and innovation, every feature is pushed to the limit, day after day, to provide one of the most powerful and reliable products available: a perfect balance of cutting-edge technologies and true style.

MJGUEST: Rethink Your Guestbook.

Unique Features

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Please take a deep look at the demos.
PopUp and Embedded layouts use exactly the same markup code: all the job is done by graphic themes, using images and style-sheets.
Demos graphic theme: "Hera"

Setup Utility
(PopUp layout)
(Embedded layout)

The server hosting the demo doesn't provide optional GD support, which means guests' avatars are rendered in low quality and CAPTCHA cannot be activated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Minimum Requirements

Server-side (You)

Client-side (Your Guests)


MJGUEST 6.8 GT Series REV.01 - Package updated on 21.07.2008
26.06.2008This is the latest release available of the guestbook.
Be sure you are running the latest version before downloading the add-ons below.
By downloading, you accept all terms and conditions of our User Agreement.
Read the Change Log.
11.02.2004These are the old releases, which are no longer supported.
They are distributed under the Creative Commons Licence (by-nc).
Please don't ask for online support on issues regarding old guestbook series.

Add-on files

20.05.2008 These are the add-on skins for mjguest.
SDK are not themes but kits for developers containing all the PNG source images.
See the Readme of the script for simple installation instructions.
Language Pack
20.05.2008Please ensure to upload the whole content of the all-in-one language pack for automatic language recognition to work properly.
Swearwords filter
14.04.2008This file contains the list of swearword patterns to censor, keep it updated to decrease the mistakes. Do NOT edit the file.
AntiSPAM filter
20.04.2008This file contains the spam content to block, keep it updated to increase the effectivity. Do NOT edit the file.
20.05.2008This matrix allows users'country recognition. Keep this file updated to increase the accuracy. Source: http://ip-to-country.webhosting.info/.


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Copyright label removal

Please note that the script is 100% FREE, and distributed under the terms of our User Agreement.
If, for any reason, you would like to remove the title-bar copyright label, as optional, read below.

Preliminary information

Please read carefully:

For the full list of conditions, look up the User Agreement.

Step #1 of 3: Software installation

Start by downloading and installing on your server the instance of the software for which you would like to get the proprietary label removal authorization.

Step #2 of 3: Money transaction

Please specify now the Web Address where you have installed the guestbook (you can change it later).

Please fill all fields.

Individual / Non-profit

Your e-mail

Installation web address


Your e-mail

Installation web address

If any of the data is not valid, payment will be rejected.
The payment can be rejected for any other unspecified reason.

Step #3 of 3: Confirmation and instructions e-mail

If the transaction was successful, within a few days you will receive an e-mail with a "secret password" and a "customer code", along with the necessary files and instructions to remove the proprietary label.

Once the operation is completed, you should erase the message and avoid communicating to third parties the confidential instructions on the copyright label removal. Each violation will be persecuted.

Each Customer Code is associated to a web address where that copy of the guestbook is supposed to be installed.
Therefore, the Code works as quick way to check whether the labels were removed after a regular registration.

The Password instead must be kept secret and used only to change your personal data as explained below.

Updating the guestbook

If, while updating your guestbook, you loose the modified files required for the copyright removal, or the copyright removal procedure changes from one version to another of the guestbook, please feel free to email me for the new removal instructions. (a dedicated online panel will be activated soon)

How to change personal data

You may change at any time your personal e-mail or the web location of your guestbook via the form below.
If you plan to move your guestbook, please remember to send the new web address, first.

The form hasn't been activated yet. In the meanwhile, please send an e-mail to agreement [at] mdsjack.bo.it.

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