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24.08.2008Should MJGUEST move to PHP5?
Please tell us if you're still using MJGUEST under PHP4. According to the results of the poll, we will decide whether MJGUEST should move to PHP5 only, dropping any PHP4 compatibility.
On one hand, removing PHP4 support would mean less bugs, a faster and more stable application; on the other hand, a few current users whose host has not moved to PHP5 yet might not be able to download MJGUEST, most likely until PHP 5.3 is released.

Vote now (no registration required)

26.06.2008MJGUEST 6.8 released today
This new version brings you a whole new login/authorization system and many improvements safety-wise:

  • New session management module
  • New login, sending crypted password using Javascript (where available)
  • Password not shown in Control Panel (field only used to set a new password)
  • New anti-SPAM control prevents bots automatic submission of messages
  • XML database file is now inaccessible
Among the other features: PHP5 PDO databases support; date/time formatted in guests local language; guests' site rating statistics shown in Control Panel; re-introduced text emoticons ( ":D" ) conversion; Moderator can't manage entries added by Administrator; Administrator and Moderator nicknames (for entries and replies).

Look up the ChangeLog for the full list of changes, or check out MJGUEST right now.

20.05.2008MJGUEST guestbook now provides you RSS Feeds!
The latest package of MJGUEST includes a few fixes and improvements, plus a brand new web 2.0 popular feature: RSS Feeds .
You will now be able to keep an eye on the latest entries of your guestbook from any RSS aggregator such as your custom Google home page. Check out the User Guide for more info.

Discover MJGUEST here.

14.04.2008Revolutionary MJGUEST v6.7 is OUT NOW!
The brand new amazing v6.7 of our free professional guestbook is available today!
It comes with a load of new features, many of which requested by you, starting from a fresh web2.0-style layout, called "hera".
This is what you're getting:

  • Fresh layout restyling
  • Almost 100% effective AntiSPAM
  • Website Rating feature
  • Easy, semi-automatic Guest IP Banning
  • Optional high-security Login
  • ...and much more!
Check it out here!
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27.01.2008What's coming up from MJGUEST development
Our popular guestbook is at the moment under a major restyling of its interface, in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in matter of style: the so-called "Web 2.0".
Expect a brand new design that will bring MJGUEST to a new era!

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19.10.2007MJGUEST reaches 19,500 downloads!
The best way to celebrate this event, is the release of an updated package of the guestbook, v6.6 Rev.02!
The most rewarding achievement with this update is the ultimate kick to spam! Upgrading will reduce the spam currently breaking MJGUEST filters of 99%. Try it yourself!

17.07.2007MJGUEST v.6.6 finally available!
The long-awaited new version of my guestbook is now available for download!
Now, it doesn't even require a database anymore, under a PHP5 server!
But check out all these new features:

  • Added XML file database driver
  • Activable Moderator account
  • Brand new level of SPAM protection
  • Seamless entries navigation now also on mouse-wheel upscroll
  • ...and much more! (see the ChangeLog)

28.05.2007Updated package of MJGUEST is available (Rev.03)
The development has slowed down during these very busy weeks. This package fixes a few issues and doesn't require a real upgrade of the guestbook, see the readme inside.

A more consistent upgrade will be released within the end of July.

19.12.2006MJGUEST 6.5 available NOW
As scheduled, the new version of MJGUEST is available today. Check out all the new amazing features!

  • On-the-fly Admin replies to Guests' comments
  • Administrator entry approval system as optional
  • Continuous stream of entries while scrolling Read page
  • Added another routine designed to detect automated SPAM messages
  • Implemented Gravatar v.1 service as avatar source
  • ...and much more!
  • ...plus a plenty of improvements on the inside (new core v.III-OOP,...)

Get it right now!

07.09.2006MJGUEST Updates
Grab the new "Thai" and "Indonesian" translations by Konwat and Angga Wibowo, add them to have your southeast asian visitors feeling at home.
Also update the swearwords filter, coming with some bug fixes.

Go to downloads

10.07.2006Proud to announce MJGUEST v6.4!
Pump up your current guestbook with new amazing features:

  • Improved Setup Utility and new easy-to-read User Guide
  • Redesigned security pillars (spam / captcha / post-flood / swearwords / mail bots / mail header injection)
  • Embedded layout: now working with both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 websites
  • New facility: Find & Delete on-the-fly all the entries by the same guest
  • Unobstrusive Javascript: now only recommended for a full experience
  • Interface restyling and new "Vista" graphic theme
  • Optimized core modules, input/output processors and data files for a quicker execution
  • ...and many many more!

Is this the first time you hear of MJGUEST?
In a nutshell: no php skills required, advanced technology inside, extensible & compatible.

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05.06.2006MJGUEST: new translations
Three new languages available as separate upgrade for MJGUEST:
German (updated) by Fly, Bosniac by AtaPulja, Danish by Claus Hall

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06.04.2006Guestbook MJGUEST v6.3 is out now!
The first release of 2006 is absolutely groundbreaking! Here's the highlights:

  • Embedded Layout: now alternative to PopUp Layout. Check out the demos!
  • Database table-names prefix: handled multiple installations
  • New database drivers: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • ...Plus many more core/interface improvements for security and usability

> Get it Now <

Is it the first time you hear about MJGUEST?
In a nutshell: no php skills required, advanced technology inside, extensible & compatible.

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20.03.2006New MJGUEST add-ons
While overtaking the 8000 MJGUEST guestbook users, new add-ons were released:

  • Upgrade your automatic-language pack with Swedish and Vietnamese for your local visitors
  • Updated swearword filter
  • Updated country recognition file

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21.02.2006MJGUEST: reached 7000 users
The amazing success of MJGUEST 6GT Series continues!
To celebrate this goal, it has been released the brand new Slovak language pack.
Upgrade your guestbook with this add-on.

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